Mussi Cuski and Mini Swandoodles Gift Set


Mussi Cuski comforter is made from ultra soft bamboo muslins, beautifully soft and an essential for all those babies who love their muslins and do not have a Cuski! Mini Swandoodles pack of 4 gorgeous bamboo multi tasking muslins size 60cm x 60cm – the perfect set for new baby!


Mussi Cuski has arrived for all those babies who love their muslins, and dont have a Cuski! Made from 100% bamboo muslins, soft and tactile. Your baby will just fall in love with Mussi Cuski! Our testers found Mussi Cuskis almost magical! Mussi Cuski is a super-soft comforter designed to soothe, calm and reassure you and your baby, and at last Peeps will stop wiping your baby’s nose with these special Cuski muslins!
Cuski concept: Mummy/Daddy sleep with Mussi Cuski or keep it next to their skin for at least a few days (the longer the better!), to pick up all those comforting smells, then introduce to baby.


The most beautiful muslins you will ever find!
100% luxuriously silky bamboo muslins
Perfect for:

Burping shoulder cover to protect clothing

Bib for feeding times

Shade for little legs in the sun when out in the pram

Place under baby on the changing mat to avoid chill

Comforter for those babies who don’t have a Cuski!

Bandana/ headband for baby, mummy and cool dads!

Make shift nappy/ diaper IN AN EMERGENCY

Changing cover, especially for little boys! Oops!

Window shade whilst travelling

General wipe it all

Playing Peek-a-boo!


Easily washed and softens with each wash

Wash at 30 degrees, please iron after wash & dry to retain softness

Made in Turkey

Size 60 x 60cm each

Pack of 4