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*We are donating an amount from all Claire's Nests, Cuski Miniboos & Incubator Covers sold, to The Ickle Pickles Charity, who help raise important funds for Neonatal Intensive Care Units across England & Wales.*

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Cuski Premature Baby Bonding Comforter Miniboo 2 pack

  • Cuski Premature Baby Bonding Comforter Miniboo 2 pack
  • Cuski Premature Baby Bonding Comforter Miniboo 2 pack
  • Cuski Premature Baby Bonding Comforter Miniboo 2 pack
  • Cuski Premature Baby Bonding Comforter Miniboo 2 pack
  • Cuski Premature Baby Bonding Comforter Miniboo 2 pack
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Cuski Premature Baby Bonding Comforter Miniboo 2 pack

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NHS customers (NICU, SCBU, PICU), please email accounts@cuski.com for NHS wholesale prices

* We are donating 10p from every pack of Miniboos sold to The Ickle Pickles Charity, who help raise important funds for Neonatal Intensive Care Units across England & Wales.*

Miniboos are available in 6 fabulous colours made from bamboo or Ellie Miniboo made from brushed cotton in a vibrant unisex design! 
One for mummy and one for baby!
Shortlisted down to 5 nationally in Child Health with the RCNI awards.
*Best Practice Initiative by Unicef Baby Friendly International Conference, taking neonatal care to the next level.
Gold Award winning ~ Miniboo and parental bonding!

As featured in Mail on Sunday  June http://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/you/article-3644577/HEALTH-Early-birth-comforts.html

Primarily our tiny Miniboos are being used with babies who are born too soon. They are part of the developmental care programme on the NICU or SCBU in UK hospitals. When babies are in the incubators, and poorly, it is advised not to over handle. This means mummies and daddies cannot always have those precious cuddles that help with the important parent/baby bonding process. This is where Miniboo & Cuskiboos come in.. Mummy keeps Miniboo on her person to pick up all those lovely mummy smells and then places it next to baby in the incubator, baby can smell mummy and keep swapping the 2 Miniboos so mummy can smell baby too, which in turn, if breast feeding, will help the milk flow. Research from midwives have also noted Miniboo has helped lower baby's blood pressure. Can also be used with twins that have been separated.

Our NHS protocol is available to view here :


Made from 100% bamboo rayon fibre, anti-bacterial properties.
Washable at 30 degrees / Miniboo Ellie can be washed up to 60 degrees
Dimensions: length 19.5 cm
Adheres to all safety regulations required 
Ideal gift for premature baby, includes birth card photo frame in gift box.
Please note, in most units plush toys are NOT allowed in incubators, Miniboos and Cuskiboos ARE allowed.

* We recommend to use Miniboo from prem up to 3 months old, after this time it is advisable to graduate onto our normal sized Cuskis, unless you are using them for weaning off big Cuski at nursery or reception.

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I first found out about cuskis when my twin babies were born at 30 weeks gestation and were taken to NICU. A friend gave us a miniboo for each baby and I really loved them - they were so so soft and a perfect size for my micropreemies (2lbs 15oz and 1lb 5oz at birth). I kept them with me at home sometimes and I found them as comforting as the babies did (maybe more!) - they really helped with the long months apart from my babies (8 weeks in NICU for my son and 12 for my daughter), and on a practical level I think they helped me with expressing milk too as they smelled like my babies. I have kept the miniboos carefully in the babies' memory boxes as very precious keepsakes. Now my babies are healthy 10-month-olds and they each sleep with a full-sized cuskiboo to snuggle. I wanted to say thank you and let you know how great these were for us :)

Marion | Bristol | May 2014

Hi Judy,

The order arrived yesterday. I couldn't believe it came so quick!

Sarah was really pleased with them and told me that she slept with one last night and gave it to her daughter this morning and she cant believe that it seems to work as her daughters heart rate and breathing is the same when in the incubator as when she is cuddling her and up until now it has only been great when they ere cuddling her.

She also said that she had the other down her top ready to swap over tonight when she goes back down the hospital. Its lovely to think that the baby is calm and reassured even when she's not there with her 😊

I think that your product is totally amazing and will be (and have already been) recommending to lots of people. My son is still sleeping through the night since receiving his sweet dreemeez and every time I get asked how I have managed to get him to do that I tell them that I'm sure its down to the Cuski!! Your and Suzy's customer service has made it even more pleasurable dealing with you.

A Cuski is going to be my gift of choice whenever a friend has a baby so I will be back to order more in the future.

Thanks once again,

Rebecca (a very happy customer) 😊

Rebecca | | November 2013

Adorable, I loved how soft it felt. I think the size is about right, my son was premature and this was the right size not to be too much. It is well made and so, so soft. This was a comfort to my son. My son likes to be held and cuddled constantly cuski miniboo allowed me to be able to put him down as he was happy with the miniboo. It gave me peace of mind, knowing Aaron had something to hold which made him feel more secure and able to sleep more peacefully allowed me to relax and do other things. I do believe my son has formed a bond with his Miniboo; he loves to hold it, just like he loves to hold a finger to feel close. I think the price is very reasonable. I believe the simplicity of the design makes it more special. I would purchase this item; I would love to have a personalised one for my son. I would recommend this item. It is veryimportant to form a strong bond with your child and I believe this helps with this bonding process when you cannot be with your baby 24/7. Lovely item. Well packaged with a lovely card to write babies details on. And a lovely bag in which to carry it around safely. I really enjoyed the experience, as the product did what it said and helped with our bonding. Vikki Clark – Aaron 3 Months

Vikki Clark | | October 2013

Looked perfect for prem babies. Quality very good and very soft against the skin. This certainly seemed to comfort my baby. I believe my baby has formed abond with this as she seems to enjoy it being close by. This is really fantastic value for money as feels so soft and luxurious. The design is perfect just the way it is. I would purchase this. I would recommend without hesitation. Overall this product seems to have helped comfort my baby. Lucy Bryant – Erin 4 Weeks

Lucy Bryant | | October 2013

It is the cutest thing I have ever seen! The material is soft and it is the perfect size for a pre-term baby. The size is perfect for a pre-term baby and the shape makes it easy to hold in tiny hands. My little girl holds onto the little arms and legs or the end of the hat. The quality is superb. It is very well stitched and I think it would withstand a lot of love! The head is very securely fastened to the body making it impossible for it to fall off. I believe that she was comforted by my smell on the Miniboo and the fact that it was so soft. Pre-term skin is very delicate and the material this is made from couldn't be kinder to her skin. Knowing that she had the Miniboo with her and was comforted by it was comforting to me as her mummy. I believe she has formed a bond with this as it is always with her. I think it is quite expensive for a small comforter but am sure it will last for many years (as my older daughter's Cuskis have done) and will therefore prove to be value for money in the long run. I don't think I would alter the design in any way, it is perfect the way it is. I would definitely buy this product now that I have tested it; in fact we are going to buy a spare one in case this one gets lost! I have already recommended this product to my friends. Having made quite a few friends of premature babies since my daughter was born early they all thought they were a fantastic idea. An absolutely perfect first comforter for a tiny baby. I would change nothing about it except maybe sell them in packs of 2 so that you will always have one available while one is in the wash. We fell in love with the Cuskimoo as soon as we saw it, it is so cute! My older daughters already have cuski's but they are too big for a premature baby. This is the perfect shape and size for a pre-term baby and has without a doubt offered comfort to my little girl. We have already washed it a few times and it has remained soft and the colour has remained the same. It dries quite quickly but we will definitely be buying a second one so we can alternate them when they are being washed and in case we lose one! In the world of premature babies it is often difficult to find toys and comforters which are suitable for their tiny hands but this is absolutely perfect. I am sure this will remain with my little girl for a very long time to come. Michelle Rowley-Hill – Amelie 3 Months

Michelle Rowley-Hill | | October 2013

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