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Cuski are proud to have produced products that have proved so invaluable in the care of premature and sick babies and children. We are striving to help as much as we can and have urged all units to let us know if there are any ideas they have that we can try and bring to fruition, as we have done so successfully with the innovation of Claire’s Nest and Claire’s Clinical Nest. Below are some links highlighting how Cuski products are and can be used in NICU and SCBU units.

Voted Best Practice Initiative with UNICEF Baby Friendly

Award Finalist with RCNI Awards As used within the NHS


Please continue to read through this page which details all the Cuski products that are currently in use to great effect in units not only across the UK but around the globe.

Below are links to instruction manuals and initiatives for some of our products currently in use in hospitals


The Miniboo concept is now being used throughout the UK as part of developmental care within the NICU/SCBU. 

Miniboo is an infant comforter that was created to bring comfort and security to babies, by stimulating the baby’s awareness of mother/father’s unique scent.

They are a useful bonding aid to compliment Family Centred Care, Kangaroo Care and Breastfeeding, within the neonatal unit.

Miniboos are a smaller version of a Cuski specifically designed for use with preterm babies. They are made from 100% bamboo rayon fibre that is absorbent, eco-friendly and has anti-bacterial properties. Voted Best Practice Initiative by Unicef Baby Friendly International Conference 2015, taking neonatal care to the next level. Used as part of the developmental care programme on the NICU or SCBU in UK hospitals.

Our NHS protocol is available on request

Read comments from parents/medical staff about Miniboo here.

The Miniboos will need to be scented by the parents and baby prior to use.

To scent a Miniboo for parents it should be placed in the incubator or cot near to the baby. This is beneficial for breastfeeding mums who can then take the Miniboo home with them for use during expression. Provision of a photo and being able to smell their baby’s unique scent can help stimulate milk production during times of separation.

To scent a Miniboo for the baby it should be placed against the skin of the parents. Breastfeeding mums can place the Miniboo into their bra or near their breasts. The scent of mum and her breast milk will then be transferred on to the Miniboo. This can soothe, calm and comfort the baby. Fathers are also encouraged to use the Miniboos.

Studies suggest a baby’s ability to smell their mother is one of the most important steps in learning recognition.

Miniboo is kept with the mother/father to pick up on her/his smell, so that when it is given to baby, he or she will automatically detect the mothers/fathers scent, creating a comforting, soothing environment for the baby and the reassurance parents need during the time they are apart.

Miniboo also absorbs baby’s unique scent to help stimulate milk production during times of separation.

Recent testimonials from midwives have shown that Miniboo calms baby when they are away from mum by lowering their heart rate, as well as reducing blood pressure.

Helps keep baby calm when undertaking uncomfortable medical procedures.

When with mum, Miniboo encourages the let-down of milk making it an excellent way to improve breast feeding.

Miniboo is used widely in Neonatal Units & Special Care Baby Units across the United Kingdom and beyond. It is now an essential element of any developmental care plan provided on these units.

Miniboo has proved invaluable for multiple births where siblings have been separated.

The only baby comforters to have their own NHS protocol/guidelines.

Miniboo helps to encourage the bonding process when parents are not able to hold their child.

Miniboo is machine washable and retains its comforting softness, wash after wash.

Miniboo is made from 100% bamboo rayon fibre which is ultra absorbent, anti-bacterial and, importantly, eco-friendly. (Bamboo is highly sustainable and grows organically without the need for harmful chemical pesticides or fertilizers. It has a very short growth cycle, is easily cultivated and is totally bio-degradable. Additionally, when growing bamboo, it produces about 35% more oxygen than normal trees.)

Suitable from birth.

Adheres to all safety regulations required

Dimensions: length 19.5cm

Please note, in most units plush toys are NOT allowed in incubators, Miniboos and Cuskiboos ARE allowed.

Available in cream, blue, pink and mint

We can add your charity/trust/unit logo label to each Miniboo.

Minimum quantity required for this service

For hospital price list and our latest brochure please email accounts@cuski.com or alternatively complete the enquiry form below.

*Please be aware of any home knitted/hand made/ sewn items. These items are not regulated by British & International Safety standards which is legally required for any products used with babies & children!

Claire’s Nest

Designed, inspired and created by Claire (Neonatal Sister) & Cuski Baby Ltd

Strictly for hospital use only

This nest has been specifically designed by Sister Claire Ellerby and the neonatal team at the RVI, Newcastle and created by Cuski. These are a part of developmental care used across the UK and beyond on the NICU/SCBU.


Eliza at the Royal Preston.

The nests provide the security and boundaries for premature babies that are missing when they are born early. Being born so early leaves the babies vulnerable to external stimuli that can impact on their development. Helps to prevent flailing. They are used to mimic the safety of the womb and to support development.

Provides the optimum environment to contain and support the position of the baby, helping to facilitate normal physical development.

Designed and constructed with safe boundaries and comfort to aid physiological stability and support positive neurodevelopmental outcomes.

The baby is comfortably contained within the nest design by two soft but firm boundaries, positioned around the body and head of the baby.

We advise a temperature is taken prior to placing the baby in the nest and then rechecked within an hour, and adjust incubator accordingly.

The nests provide the security and boundaries for premature babies that are lost or flail when they are born early. Being born so early leaves the babies vulnerable to external stimuli that can impact on their development. They are used to mimic the safety of the womb and to support development.

Two wide straps on either side of the nest are used to provide security and help support the normal flexed posture experienced while in the womb.

In tests Claire’s Nests passed 90 degrees wash, ideally recommend wash up to 70 degrees.

Use only cool dry setting to keep nests in shape! Save our planet

Nests are used with medical supervision only, HOSPITAL USE ONLY

Neonates can be nursed Prone, Supine or Lateral within the nest.

Neonates can be supportively nursed Prone, Supine or Lateral within the nest.

Regular position changes in neonates can help reduce head moulding, and provides pressure care relief to support good skin integrity.

Lateral and Prone positioning has shown to improve digestion and respiratory effort in some neonates.

Any neonate nursed prone or lateral within the nest MUST be monitored via a cardiorespiratory monitor or apnoea box. This should be discussed and explained to parents.

Safe sleeping with regards to reducing cot death risk, should always be discussed with parents in accordance with current healthcare guidelines.

Do not use if any component is broken or missing.

Nest sizes are provided for guidance only. Always assess each neonate individually, and use an appropriate sized nest for their needs. Cuskis Bertie positioning aid can be used to facilitate this.

Temperature control is important when using Claire’s Nest, as it provides a thermal environment for the neonate. The neonates temperature must be checked prior to placing in the nest, and 1 hour later to avoid overheating. Temperatures should be observed regularly. Please be mindful of incubators using humidity and neonates being dressed as they mature, or undressed for observation or procedures. It is advisable to document any changes, to ensure consistency in temperature monitoring and control.



IMPORTANT — Read the instructions carefully before use and keep them for future reference.

Available in 4 sizes.

Made from ultra soft combed cotton, ethically manufactured in Turkey.

For hospital price list or if you are a parent and wishing to make a donation of these products to your local unit please email accounts@cuski.com or alternatively complete the enquiry form below.

Muslins & Cuddle Wraps

Ultra soft anti-bacterial bamboo muslins used inside nests, incubators, rolled positioners, kangaroo care and assisted bathing.

We have a wide range of ultra soft anti-bacterial bamboo muslins including New Swaddle Bathing Wraps & Cuddle Wraps used on NICU as best practice bathing with pre term babies.

Cuski positioner – Bertie

Cuski have developed the Bertie Positioning Aid to be used in conjunction with Claire’s Nest. Bertie positioned individualises the support provided for the baby in several different positions.

For hospital use only

Bertie is filled with special Polyethylene PE beads that can be hot washed, supplied with a 100% cotton cover.

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Ordering and Distribution

Please contact accounts@cuski.com to order or for more information on our medical products, we supply world wide.

Tel: 01829 771825

Working with INHA – Irish Neonatal Health Alliance

The INHA is an Irish based charity CHY21984. Their vision is to support and empower families affected by prematurity by advocating increased awareness, improved pre-conceptual, ante-natal and post natal education, equitable and standardised neonatal care and improved long-term care for both the premature baby and the family.

Their objective, through consultation with global networks of prematurity groups, healthcare professionals, educators, researchers, political decision makers and industry stakeholders is to foster the exchange of information, provide education to healthcare professionals and families and with one collective voice, to provide the platform for a coordinated and integrated program of collaborative support in the field of neonatal care in Ireland. www.inha.ie

Contact us for more information!

Okeo-tex certified/GOTS

ISO9001, ISO14001, SEDEX

British & international SGS/Intertek plc safety standards.
Cuski products are used and endorsed by the NHS UK Hospitals. Best practice initiative by UNICEF, Baby Friendly. Award finalist in Child Health, RCNI awards.

RCNI Award finalist in Child Health. Please be aware of any home knitted items on your unit,

these DO NOT pass legally required British safety standards or regulations!

Tiny Lives Trust

The Tiny Lives Trust is an independent charity which supports the Neonatal Unit at the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle upon Tyne.  We are proud to have worked with the team at Cuski over many years, providing Claire’s Nests, Miniboos, Bertie Positioning Aids and Muslins to the Neonatal Unit, all of which are very important for bonding, and in making babies more comfortable in their incubator, as well as helping staff and parents on the Neonatal Unit position their babies correctly to help with their development later in life.

@TinyLivesTrust https://www.tinylives.org.uk/about/scbu/


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