Welcome to the Cuski Baby Store! All our products are used within the NHS and worldwide. We supply hospitals and retail globally. We hope you love Cuski as much as we do!

Who is Cuski?

Our vision as parents was to create a comforter which would be small enough for little hands to explore, compact enough to tuck into a pocket or bag when travelling, gentle, soft and cuddly enough for a baby’s sensitive skin, fully machine washable and - most importantly - a comforter that mums could easily replace if it went walk-about! Ideas were juggled and with so much to do - material, design, concept, safety - and after lots of sleepless nights, at last it all came together. With the best testimony of all - the happy endorsement of family, friends and their little ones ages from 0-5 years old – Cuski was born.

The Cuski Concept

Mummy or daddy keep Cuski close for a few days – either in bed overnight or by carrying them with them, tucked in their jumper or t-shirt – so that Cuski can absorb all of mummy or daddy’s unique scents. Then introduce Cuski to baby. Baby will be soothed and comforted, as they feel close to mummy or daddy when they are with Cuski.

Cuski proved a huge success and in turn lead to the development of Cuskiboo – the same unique Cuski concept, but made from a special, ultra-soft bamboo yarn – this is the only baby comforter to have its own NHS protocol/guidelines. Next came Miniboo, a smaller version of Cuskiboo for very tiny hands, which are helping poorly babies, babies born too soon and their parents and siblings not just in the UK, but across the world.

The Future...

Now, 20 years on, we are still as passionate about Cuski as ever! The Cuski brand has evolved to include a wide range of beautiful products for you and your little ones to enjoy. We are constantly working on new ideas and new products and designs that we know you and your babies will love so keep watching this website for new innovations and ideas!

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Baby, we love you!

Team Cuski x